• Pre and post arrest consultation and review (qualified criminal defense attorneys will be consulted for specific legal direction when appropriate).
  • Expert Criminal Defense investigation and documentation.
  • Experienced trial support for criminal defense attorneys.
  • Civil Investigations of all kinds and related litigation support.
  • Expert witness interviews.
  • Sub Rosa (surveillance) relating to a variety of civil and criminal cases including child custody matters, family law concerns, workman's compensation cases, employee misconduct or thefts etc.
  • Assistance in locating missing or "runaway" children.
  • Child Abduction cases.
  • Expert digital photography and image enhancements.
  • Insurance Investigations.
  • Legal Process Service.
  • Background investigations (pre-employment, potential business partners, pre-nuptials, caregivers screening, etc.)
  • Review of polygraph examination results and/or arranging for a quality polygraph examination from an experienced examiner.
  • Home security assistance. How safe is your home and your family when you are away? Have you had problems with prowlers? Has someone been stealing items from your property? Do you have trespass problems?
  • Employee thefts and related issues.
  • Expert review and analysis of police procedures and conduct.
  • High quality diagrams for court presentation (many times used in conjunction with photographic presentations).

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