Potential clients are encouraged to contact us for a free, initial consultation. Cost estimates are determined on a case by case basis, based on the nature of the assignment. Fees are established at the front end of any investigation through written agreement with the client and are favorably competitive with other private investigators. Each investigation is different and costs vary to some extent depending on the assignment, the number of investigators required, anticipated related investigation costs and so forth. Our goal is to meet your needs in the most cost effective manner possible. Clients will be provided verbal and written reports during the course of an investigation.

Attorneys using our services will find that we are accessible at any hour of the day or night in emergency situations. As a matter of policy, we ensure for our clients and quick responses to their needs and questions. Criminal defense attorneys are encouraged to involve us as quickly as possible when they have a client who has been arrested or is the subject of police investigation.

There are many things we can assist prior to the initial discovery packet being received. Don't wait for the discovery package to arrive before contacting us. When involved early enough, we can often successfully protect a client's legal exposure by using our more than thirty years of experience in the criminal justice system. Don't wait until the police have concluded their investigation. Call us as soon as possible for a free initial consultation and review.

Costs for process service is usually $50 per service, which includes at least three attempts at service and often times more. Extraordinary situations may require an additional cost depending on circumstances. Our contacts and familiarity with Humboldt and Del Norte Counties allow us to offer a high success rate on service of legal papers.

Call, write or email and get a quick, confidential response at no cost.